Walk West

In time, I hope to create and be able to share a database of my favourite local routes. For now, I can share with you three eBook titles from Geoff Mullett’s Walk West series. All of which I’ve been following and working from for the past four years.

Walks in this series range from as few as four miles, up in to double figures; in and around Bristol, west to Wales, east to Wiltshire.

Walk West (2013)

Walk West Again (2013)

Walk West 3 (2013)

Please note: these are free to download and I offer them with permission from the author, who has not updated any of them since 2013 and will not be offering any further updates. I’ve included a couple of know incidents below. If you encounter any yourself, please leave a comment or e-mail me.

*Lansdown, Walk West 3, Walk No.25  – this walk is not possible to complete, at the time of writing, as the ‘gap in the hedge’ has been fenced off and the right of way across Freezing Hill has been obstructed – I’ve reported this to BaNES Council (October 2017).

*Bridgwater Bay, Walk West Again, Walk No. 28 – this route may now be do-able but the path network may have changed. This is something I’ve yet to investigate (November 2017).


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